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National Businesswomen's Leadership Association presents October 2010 Issue
The Women's Link: Your Link to Personal and Professional Success

5 Ways to Build a Stronger
  Relationship With Your Boss

Question of the Month: What Do
  You Love (or Hate) About Your

Drive, Dedication, and Determination

Achieving Fulfillment in the
  Workplace: Myth or Reality?

Your Link to Personal and Professional Success
Featured Article:

5 Ways to Build a Stronger Relationship With
Your Boss

No one has a bigger impact on your career than your direct supervisor (other than yourself, of course!). That’s why it’s critical that you build a strong relationship that ensures your boss is on your side. We understand that this is easier to do with some bosses than others. But we guarantee that no matter what your boss is like, if you follow these 5 steps, your relationship with your boss will be stronger than ever before!    Read More

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Question of the Month: What Do You Love (or Hate) About Your Smartphone?
Do you have an app on your phone that you couldn’t imagine living without? Have you done anything really cool with your iPhone that impressed others? Or is there anything you’d really, really like to see changed (like that darn itty-bitty keypad!)? Share your thoughts with Link Readers now.
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Career Corner:
Drive, Dedication, and Determination
The importance of all three to your career

In today’s competitive workforce, it’s up to you to manage your career and what you want out of it ... because nobody will do it for you! And to do that, you need the winning trifecta that builds careers: drive, dedication, and determination.   Read More

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Workplace Zen:

Achieving Fulfillment in the Workplace: Myth or Reality?

“Do what you love with your life.” “Make sure your work is fulfilling.” We’ve all heard these statements before. And for a lot of us, it can feel like a pipe dream. You have bills to pay, a family to feed, and responsibilities galore. And there’s no way you can afford to quit your job and spend all your time at the beach.

But sometimes, achieving fulfillment in the workplace is just about a different way of thinking.   Read More

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September 2010 Link Article: Do You Let People Know You Appreciate Them?

I work for a Construction Consulting Company! We are in an office with over 150 Engineers and only 5 Administrative Assistants. I am one of them. I just read all the posts and I agree that when you work with people who can take a few minutes to say “Good Morning” or have a laugh, it makes coming to work a whole lot better. I recently lost a boss to downsizing and I believe she left to save one of our jobs. She was so outgoing and she made work fun. We went into a meeting one day and she started throwing silly putty at all of us. I know it's not real professional but it made us all laugh and broke a lot of tension. She told us to keep the silly putty and whenever we got a little stressed, take it out and play with it a little. And you know what, it works! Some people take business too seriously. You spend most of your waking hours with these people and if you can't have a little fun, your life is going to be miserable!

Submitted by Terry

September 2010 Link Article: How to Make Yourself Indispensable: 6 Tips to Get You Started

Great ideas. I have one to share: each year, on my employees’ anniversaries, I give them a small gift-wrapped token, such as a paperweight or a letter opener. More importantly, I attach a handwritten note acknowledging how many years they have been with me and how much I appreciate them supporting me for one more year.

Submitted by Barbara

September 2010 Question of the Month: Have you ever experienced coworker drama?

We had a lady in our office who would come to work with two different earrings on, two different shoes with the same color or not, wear her skirt backwards, and every time she left the building she would leave her glasses on her desk. Needless to say, she never left the building just once for a trip.

She was so funny, but was one of the most intelligent and kind people I knew. A lot of creative people are like that and, boy, was she creative. She made us laugh and laughed with us.

Submitted by Deb

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