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National Seminars Training presents February 2011 Issue
The Women's Link: Your Link to Personal and Professional Success

Emotions in the Workplace: Choose
  to Respond, Not React

Question of the Month: Have
  You Ever Regretted Being “Overly
  Emotional” in the Workplace?

Getting Results Without Authority:
   3 Tips

5 Ways to Get More Done

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Your Link to Personal and Professional Success
Featured Article:

Emotions in the Workplace: Choose to Respond, Not React

One of the stereotypes that women have had to overcome in the workplace is that of being too driven by emotions or being too emotionally reactive. As women, our feelings and natural tendencies bring strong components to the workplace. But no one — man or woman — can afford ...   Read More

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Question of the Month: Have you ever regretted being overly emotional in the workplace?
Share your story and what led to the emotional reaction — it will help your fellow Women’s Link readers!  Please share now.
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Career Corner:
Getting Results Without Authority:
3 Tips

In today’s work environments, many people handle a great deal of responsibility without necessarily carrying an important title or having direct authority over another person. You don’t have to hold an impressive title to carry weight in the workplace. You do, however, have to have confidence in yourself to be considered a person of influence.  Read More
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Productivity Builders:

5 Ways to Get More Done

Do you sometimes end up with more left to do in your week than time to get it all done? You start the week with good intentions to be amazingly productive, but then reality gets in the way. Truth is, it takes more than good intentions if you want to become a productivity powerhouse. You’ve got to have a plan!   Read More
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Quick Tips

Do You File More Stuff Than You Should?

8 questions to ask about every document before you decide to keep it or pitch it

1. Do I need it?
2. Is it significant?
3. Is it information I already
    have in another file or I can
    obtain elsewhere?
4. How will I use it?
5. Is it timely?
6. Is it quality information?
7. Is it accurate and reliable?
8. Do I need it for more than a
    few days?

How and Why to “Get Chummy” in Your Business Writing

As a whole, society is communicating on a more casual level. Studies show that you can persuade people more easily in business if you come across as friendly rather than stuffy and overly formal. The sirs and madams of the business writing past are disappearing as we establish friendly business relationships. Not all writing calls for a casual tone, but when your intent is to get “chummy” with your intended audience, try these writing tips:

1. Write the way you talk. Avoid stiff, robotic sentences. Keep your writing conversational — it’s much easier to read. Let your personality show through in your writing. The more your writing reflects your voice, the more your readers will feel included, and the more likely they will be to buy in to what you say.

2. Edit out anything unnecessary. Your readers are busy, so give them only what they need. Your clarity will make them more receptive to future communication from you.

3. Don’t get stuffy! Avoid complex terminology, long and convoluted sentences, and focusing on yourself more than your readers.

4. Always write to one person. Your e-mail or letter may be going to thousands, but it’s being read one person at a time. Relate to that one person on a personal level.

One more thing — there’s a fine line between conversational and inappropriately personal. Remember, you are representing your company and presenting your professional persona, so by all means, be friendly, but always be courteous and professional.

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