Learning Path - Managers Compliance

Managers Compliance

You know the importance of reducing legal risks through regulatory training. Without training on subjects like harassment or diversity, you run the risk of costly lawsuits and ruining your organization’s reputation. One of the best ways to protect your employees and your organization is ensuring your leadership team knows how to identify, prevent, and correct behavior that violates employee rights.


Required Training Hours Format
Sexual Harassment for Managers 2 Webinar
Managing the ARC of Diversity 1 Webinar
FMLA Compliance Essentials for Managers 1 Webinar
ADA & Reasonable Accomodation 1 Webinar
The Supervisor’s Guide to Understanding and Applying Equal Employment Opportunity Laws 1.5 Webinar
How to Identify and Eliminate Unconscious Bias and Discrimination in the Workplace 1 Webinar


The information provided in the STAR12 Compliance Learning Paths and all materials associated with the program are for training and informational purposes only. STAR12 Compliance Learning Paths are designed to provide a brief and broad overview of the most common federal employment laws and presented to apply to diverse audiences and company situations. State-specific laws are not addressed in this program. The information and materials are presented with the understanding that Rockhurst University Continuing Education Center Inc., is not engaged in rendering legal advice. You should always consult an attorney with any legal issues.

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