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Date Title Regular Price STAR12 Price
12/18/17 How to Act With Ethics and Integrity in the Workplace $199.00 FREE
12/19/17 Organizing and Managing Data in Microsoft Excel® $199.00 FREE
12/20/17 Employee Development Plans 101 $199.00 FREE
12/21/17 OSHA Record-keeping Compliance $199.00 FREE
01/03/18 5 Ways to Deliver Noteworthy Customer Service $199.00 FREE
01/04/18 How to Collect More Money ... In Less Time with Fewer Hassles! $199.00 FREE
01/05/18 Work-From-Home Policies: How to Avoid Lawsuits and Be Legally Compliant $199.00 FREE
01/08/18 Understanding and Administering Intermittent and Reduced-schedule Leave Under FMLA $199.00 FREE
01/09/18 Workplace Conflict Resolution for Managers and Supervisors $199.00 FREE
01/10/18 Persuasive Business Writing $199.00 FREE
01/11/18 Create Better Understanding Through Active Listening $199.00 FREE
01/12/18 Developing Your Emotional Intelligence $199.00 FREE
01/16/18 IRS 1099 Compliance $199.00 FREE
01/17/18 Simple, Quick & Stress-Free Organization Strategies $199.00 FREE
01/18/18 How to Use Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables to Easily Summarize and Analyze Data $199.00 FREE
01/19/18 The Supervisors’ Guide to Giving Directions, Feedback and Criticism $199.00 FREE
01/22/18 Managing Multiple Priorities for the Front Desk $199.00 FREE
01/23/18 Microsoft® Outlook® Tips, Tricks, and Techniques $199.00 FREE
01/24/18 Breaking Bad Communication Habits $199.00 FREE
01/25/18 Handling Confrontational Customers $199.00 FREE
01/26/18 Taking Control of Tough Performance and Attitude Problems $199.00 FREE
01/29/18 How to Handle Emotionally Charged Situations In the Workplace $199.00 FREE
01/30/18 The Basics of Finance: A Crash Course for Non-financial Professionals $199.00 FREE
01/31/18 The Basics of HR Metrics: How to Measure and Report Key Operational and Financial Information $199.00 FREE
02/01/18 Structured Thinking and Communication Skills $199.00 FREE
02/02/18 Getting Results Without Authority $199.00 FREE
02/05/18 Unlocking the Secrets of Adobe® Acrobat® $199.00 FREE
02/06/18 Mental Illness & Depression Under the ADA $199.00 FREE
02/07/18 How to Effectively Supervise Off-Site Employees $199.00 FREE
02/08/18 Business Writing Essentials $199.00 FREE
02/09/18 Increase Productivity Using Google Docs™ and Spreadsheets $199.00 FREE
02/12/18 PowerPoint® Design Techniques $199.00 FREE
02/13/18 Time Management Power Tips $199.00 FREE
02/14/18 Developing Trust and Respect in the Workplace $199.00 FREE
02/15/18 How to Legally Terminate People With Attitude Problems $199.00 FREE
02/16/18 Fundamentals of Paid-Time-Off Policies In Today's Workplace $199.00 FREE
02/20/18 Thinking on Your Feet: How to Speak Intelligently at a Moment’s Notice $199.00 FREE
02/21/18 Managing the Front Desk $199.00 FREE
02/22/18 Maximizing the Use of Excel® Dashboards $199.00 FREE
02/23/18 Mastering the Art of Coaching & Teambuilding $199.00 FREE
02/26/18 How to Use Crystal Reports $199.00 FREE
02/27/18 Managing the Complexities of Paid Sick and Family Leave Laws $199.00 FREE
02/28/18 Handling Personality Clashes in the Workplace $199.00 FREE
03/01/18 Strategic Thinking $199.00 FREE
03/02/18 Secrets of Clear Communication $199.00 FREE
03/06/18 Maximizing the Power of Excel® With Macros and Modules $199.00 FREE
03/07/18 The Essentials of Management for First-Time Managers $199.00 FREE
03/08/18 The Business Grammar "Crash Course" $199.00 FREE
03/09/18 Mastering Microsoft® Outlook® $199.00 FREE
03/12/18 The I-9 Reporting and Compliance Webinar $199.00 FREE
03/15/18 Confidence & Assertiveness Skills for Women $199.00 FREE
03/16/18 Telephone Skills for Customer Service and Sales Professionals $199.00 FREE
03/19/18 Success Strategies for the Introverted Leader $199.00 FREE
03/21/18 The Essentials of Front Desk Safety & Security $199.00 FREE
03/22/18 Mastering Excel Functions & Formulas $199.00 FREE
03/23/18 Time Management: Tips for Getting Hours Back in Your Day $199.00 FREE
03/26/18 Building Better Team Communication $199.00 FREE
03/28/18 Defeating Negativity in the Workplace $199.00 FREE
03/29/18 Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills $199.00 FREE
03/30/18 Clear and Confident Communication Skills $199.00 FREE