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Management Skills for First-Time Supervisors
Get the solid skills you need to achieve exceptional results through others. This high-intensity one-day workshop covers dozens of key issues common to supervising others.

Program Description:
One-Day Seminar

How you perform in your first position as a supervisor is critical to your professional future. Time and again, studies show that the biggest mistake new supervisors make is to try to “wing it.” That’s why this high-powered day of training is a not-to-be-missed career event.

Through accelerated learning techniques, you’ll gain the solid skills and supervisory "how-to’s" you need to get others to go that extra mile! The comprehensive agenda covers the essential building blocks to supervisory excellence, how to build morale and increase productivity, strategies for handling conflicts and curbing absenteeism, time-management tips no supervisor should be without, and how to acquire a supervisor’s mindset and image.

You’ll also develop skills in team-building, problem-solving and dealing effectively with nonperformers and problem employees. Bottom line: This renowned workshop provides the essential training no supervisor can afford to be without! Why take the long, hard rocky road of trial and error to supervisory success when you can jump-start your skills in just one day?


Acquiring the Supervisor's Mindset and Image

  • Use the Leadership Style Analysis to understand your supervision style
  • Gain long-term vision: How to think like a company president
  • 5 proven ways to gain control of your environment
  • Supervisory intervention, coaching and counseling — knowing the difference
  • Realize the 4 personality types and how to work with each
  • The 7 classic principles of influence ... how and when to use them
  • What you should do when your employees make you look bad to your boss
  • Avoid the mistakes that new supervisors usually make
  • How to look cool, calm and collected — even when you're tense and hurried

Building Blocks to Supervisory Excellence

  • The 3 red flags that tell you when an employee's workload is too heavy
  • When you can't think of everything: Allowing a mentor to help you along
  • Increase your "Planagement Quotient" — and watch difficult tasks disappear
  • 12 effective ways to win others to your way of thinking
  • Keep the lines of communication open even when you aren't a verbal or talkative person
  • What to say when employees compare you unfavorably to the supervisor you replaced
  • The emotional requirements of being a supervisor

Creating Productivity and Building Morale

  • Understand the basic things that motivate all people
  • Being friendly with your staff while maintaining respect and compliance
  • Avoid the problems that come with supervising friends
  • How to match the right person to the right task
  • Make certain your people know when they're doing well and how to do well
  • Build teams that will provide great results
  • Techniques for leading, not bossing
  • How to give constructive criticism without deflating morale

Confidently Handle Conflicts — Every Time

  • Use the Control Model to limit the impact of negative emotion
  • Bring about change, even when there is resistance
  • 3 basic guidelines you must know before encountering conflict
  • When to use emotion and when to use logic
  • Learn to predict and prepare for the response of your staff
  • Curb absenteeism, tardiness and employee turnover
  • The 6 steps to resolving a disagreement
  • Use the concept of "pre-call" to prevent behavioral problems
  • Control your anger when things really go wrong

How to Get Things Done on Time and on Target

  • Use the CALM method to conquer chaos
  • How to double-check the quality of your work when you haven't been given enough time
  • An "open door" policy — when it will work and when it won't
  • Manage when the pressure's on
  • Eliminate self-imposed stress and be more effective
  • Know how much work to delegate and whether your staff member is ready for it
  • Align your priorities with the boss's priorities
  • Give clear directions that ensure things get done
  • How to tell your boss when too much has been piled on you
  • Active listening: What it really means and when it's important
  • Know the vast differences between boss-imposed, system-imposed and peer-imposed time and save yourself hours!

Supervisory Payoffs — How to Stay on Top

  • Develop your own personal "Supervisor in Action" plan
  • Let your position help you — how you can save time and energy via your staff
  • How to "play the game" when you need to and how to enjoy it
  • Dodge the pitfalls of stress
  • Avoid burnout caused by the inexperienced supervisor
  • Make sure you stay promotable!



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