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Time Management & Organization Skills for Professionals
Say goodbye to the stress, pressure and frustration that come from being disorganized and rushed for time!

Program Description:
One-Day Seminar

Dear Professional:

Work smarter instead of harder with a time management system you’ll design! We’ll show you how ...

Are you working harder and longer than ever before, trying to keep up with an increasingly demanding workload? Most professionals are! You know the drill: You come in early, stay late, take work home, do two things at once — but your “to-do” list just keeps getting longer and longer!

Your calendar is jammed with commitments. Your workspace is shrinking because of the piles of paperwork you need to get to. You’re stressed out, frustrated and overwhelmed because you don’t see any end in sight to your growing workload.

Sound all too familiar? Then take heart! We’ve developed a practical new approach to organizing your time, a one-day workshop called Time Management and Organization Skills for Busy Professionals.

Get more done in fewer hours with a time management system YOU design! The trouble with traditional time management theories, we’ve found, is that they’re one-size-fits-all. No wonder they don’t work! That’s why the heart of this radically different program is a time management plan that YOU will design for yourself —­ allowing you to build in the flexibility you need to meet work and home commitments.

In addition, you’ll learn how to ...

  • Organize anything from a messy desk to towering piles in 3 basic steps
  • Take action with “next-step thinking” to get tasks accomplished —­ instead of putting them off
  • Boost productivity by identifying and eliminating time-eating habits and organizational hurdles
  • End procrastination, perfectionism and other time traps forever!
  • Say goodbye to missed deadlines by accurately estimating how long projects will take

Regain control of your time and conquer clutter by getting organized! This workshop’s unique two-pronged approach combines time management and organization skills to offer you “the best of the best” techniques, tools and tips for taking command of your workday. We’ll show you how to clear the clutter in easy steps, how to organize your files and stop being a slave to sticky notes. Think what a relief it will be to walk into an organized workspace every day —­ instead of the messy piles and stacks that greet you now!

Take the next step: Make the decision that will change your life and enroll today. “Next-step thinking” is a cutting-edge, time management technique you’ll master in this workshop, one that moves you from inaction to action – and success.


Your 4-Point Plan to Organizing Your Time – And Your Life!

  • Managing Yourself: Success Habits That Boost Your Effectiveness
    • 5 time-wise habits that top achievers share
    • Myths about time management that can stall your productivity
    • The 7-step formula for eliminating procrastination from your life —­ forever!
    • How to break away from perfectionism and other bad habits that rob you of time and effectiveness
    • Recognizing the negative, time-robbing power of worrying —­ and how to banish it from your life
    • The crucial importance of determining your real priorities and identifying what matters most
    • A simple-to-learn prioritizing system that puts you in control
    • Just say NO! Tactful but assertive ways to decline when your plate is full
    • You can’t do it all! Delegation techniques that work like a charm to lighten your load

  • Managing Your Time: New Tools and Strategies That Really Work
    • The Time Management Style Survey: Assess your strengths and pinpoint your weaknesses
    • The one-minute focus and other planning “musts” guaranteed to double your productivity
    • Identifying your greatest time-wasters —­ and determining how to avoid or eliminate them
    • What’s your daily “peak productivity time”? How to recognize and make the most of it
    • 20 bright ideas for stopping the time-draining effects of interruptions
    • Scheduling how-to’s that build in flexibility for the unexpected
    • Calendars, day planners, PDAs and personal productivity software: Determining which tools will work best for you
    • The secret to ending chronic lateness
    • Deadlines 101: Tips for assessing how long any task or project will really take
    • The tyranny of “to-do” lists: How to turn this unruly monster into your best buddy

  • Managing Your Stuff: Clutter-Busting “Musts” for Getting Organized
    • Eligible for Pack Rats Anonymous? How to break yourself of the instinct to keep everything
    • How to organize ANYTHING in 3 steps: Analyze, plan and take Action!
    • “Get a bigger trash can” and other words of wisdom from organizational gurus
    • Creating an in-box system that works for you instead of against you
    • A step-by-step plan of attack for turning piles into files
    • How to design a filing system that meets your specific needs
    • Technology tamers: Getting a grip on e-mail, voice mail, faxes and more
    • In a tight squeeze? Space organization tools that can give you more room to work
    • Desk-clearing techniques that’ll make you look like a neatnik in just minutes

  • Managing for the Long Haul: “Next-Step Thinking” Keeps You on Track for Life!
    • Understanding the concept of “next-step thinking”: Determining the next step you’ll need to take action on any task, problem or project
    • PLANNING SESSION: Developing your personalized plan for organizing your time
    • How to use next-step thinking to put your plan into motion
    • Maintaining your plan: Steps you’ll take tomorrow, next week, next month, next year
    • Prevent backsliding! Guerrilla tactics for avoiding the pressure to do more



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