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How to Set Up Your Webinar Training Room

Step 1:

Your webinar training room will require the following:

  • Computer with a high-speed Internet connection
  • Computer speakers (or a telephone or Polycom® if speakers are not available)
  • LCD projector and a screen or large white area

Once the computer is in place and connected to the Internet, conduct a webinar system check on the computer you are using to ensure your system meets all technical requirements.

The system check will ensure that you have what is required for the best possible experience.

Note: You must have your pop-up blocker disabled before testing your system.

Step 2:

Double-check screen projection quality to ensure all participants will be able to see; you may also need to adjust room lighting.

Step 3:

Invite attendees approximately 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the conference so everyone will be ready when the webinar begins.

Step 4:

Make sure your webinar training room has plenty of comfortable seating for all participants.

Step 5:

Designate one person as the facilitator for the group. This person will be in charge of logging in to the webinar and also entering questions and responses for the group. Be sure your facilitator has the confirmation email, which includes the following:

  • Instructions for connecting to the webinar
  • The Web link for accessing the conference
  • Directions for connecting through the phone or Polycom® if needed
Step 6:

Fifteen minutes prior to the webinar, please begin connecting using the information provided in the confirmation email.

Step 7:

Enjoy your National Seminars Training webinar.

Step 8:

Plan to keep the group for about 30 minutes after the webinar ends to develop your action plan and begin brainstorming ways you can incorporate the ideas and information presented to your organization.

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