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How to Be a Better Buyer

Program Description:
One-Day Seminar

You’re expected to solicit bids ... negotiate for lower costs and better service ... know exactly what should be included in contracts ... and come up with innovative cost-cutting ideas.

Probably the toughest part of your job is trying to squeeze the hours you need out of your busy schedule to keep up with the changes in the purchasing industry.

There’s no question that it’s time-consuming to explore new avenues for finding the best vendors and suppliers ... to keep abreast of the most up-to-date value analysis (VA) techniques ... and to check out current cost-saving ideas.

But now you have the opportunity to learn all this — and more — by attending a unique one-day seminar that will help purchasers (and anyone who makes purchasing decisions) do their jobs better. You’ll return to the office the very next day with new confidence in yourself and your buying decisions.


Getting What You Need From Suppliers

  • Evaluating delivery, quality, price and service
  • How to accurately calculate the Total Cost of Ownership
  • Leveraging your suppliers’ product knowledge to your advantage
  • 4 ways to evaluate prospective suppliers
  • What to do when you must reject an item
  • The secret to successful partnering with suppliers
  • 2 things you should look for when touring a supplier’s facility
  • How to find out if a potential supplier is financially sound
  • How to be an even smarter, more confident buyer

Practical Techniques to Improve Your Negotiation Skills

  • The universal ethics of purchasing ... do you abide by them?
  • Improving your communication skills for working with internal and external customers and suppliers
  • How to distinguish between a bargain and a rip-off
  • Knowing the legal rights and obligations of both parties in any purchasing transaction
  • Understanding warranties and the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code)
  • Spotting, handling and stopping scam artists, hustlers and other swindlers

Skills and Techniques to Save You Money

  • The secrets of cost reduction
  • Obtaining higher quality at a lower price
  • How to write quality requirements into a contract ... and why you should
  • How to analyze unit prices to make sure you’re really getting the deal you think you are
  • What every purchaser needs to know about Terms and Conditions
  • Interpreting a salesperson’s lingo and how to counter hard and soft sells
  • When it’s late, damaged or lost ... how to retrace your steps and find out what went wrong
  • The pros and cons of blanket orders
  • 21st-century purchasing: Keeping up with technology

Value Analysis: What It Is and How You Can Sse It to Get the Most for Your Money

  • The procurement card: A low tech, common-sense solution to reduced costs
  • How to contribute within the concept of a “purchasing team”
  • The ins and outs of VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) — is it cost-effective for your company?
  • Electronic commerce: Evaluating new technologies for purchasing



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