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Terminating Problem Employees
A One-Day Seminar for Managers

Program Description:
One-Day Seminar

Protect Yourself and Your Company by Making Sure Every Employee Termination Is 100% Legally Sound!

In today’s litigious world, terminating employees is an emotional and legal minefield for managers and supervisors. And the sad truth is, many managers are ill equipped to handle either side of the process.

That’s why we developed this unique seminar dedicated to helping managers and supervisors terminate employees fairly and legally. Attend, and you’ll learn the process for building your case for terminating an employee … how to document it thoroughly … and learn strategies that prove you’ve given employees every chance to turn their behavior around.

Protect Yourself With Legally Sound Firing Strategies
Take one day out of your busy schedule for this informative and highly interactive workshop, and you’ll learn how top managers conduct professional and legally sound termination sessions. You’ll be able to protect yourself – and your company – if you’re ever called into court for a wrongful termination suit. And you’ll discover techniques to handle hotheaded employees who swear they’ll get revenge or employees who break down emotionally.

We’ll teach you practical strategies for the best times and places to fire employees … you’ll memorize mental checklists for knowing exactly what to say during termination sessions … and we’ll cover every contingency before you walk into that meeting.

Don’t Get Blindsided by a Simple Lack of Knowledge
It’s a frightening time out there that can trip up even the most veteran managers and supervisors. Don’t take a chance of keeping a problem employee too long or ending up in court because you tried to fix the situation.


Coaching and Counseling Steps to Salvage an Employee

  • Helping employees get once last chance
  • Coaching techniques that will prove in court that you tried to help an employee
  • The top 4 frustrating discipline problems you’ll face as a manager – and how to solve them
  • Making sure all your pre- termination counseling sessions are legal
  • Exploring all your alternatives to firing before following through with the termination meeting
  • When to bring in your HR department for help and advice
  • The 5 steps of progressive discipline

Taking the First Steps Toward Firing an Employee

  • Ensuring your termination procedure is legally airtight
  • Legally acceptable grounds for termination
  • Common misconceptions that may be keeping you from firing problem employees
  • The best method for documenting problem behavior
  • What are your responsibilities as an employer? What are your rights?
  • Mastering the most proven termination techniques
  • What to do about “good performers” who have a poisonous attitude that wrecks morale

Handling Legally Safe Terminations, Resignations, and Layoffs

  • What to do before … during … and after firing someone
  • The best place and time to terminate an employee (new information that may surprise you)
  • How to react to the employee who begs you for a second chance – be careful about what you say
  • A proven plan to follow when you’re forced to reduce staff
  • How to anticipate and handle employee emotions during – and after – a layoff
  • The first thing you should do when an employee voluntarily resigns
  • Why releases and grievance procedures can be your best legal protection

Better Cope With YOUR Emotions During the Termination Process

  • How to take the guilt out of firing an employee – even when it’s 100% warranted
  • 2 rules you must follow when letting the hotheaded employee go
  • How to handle the personal stress of firings and layoffs
  • How to avoid the one method of firing that will destroy your remaining staff’s loyalty and confidence in you
  • What to do about the cavalier employee who dares you to fire him
  • How to handle the employee who refuses to sign a written warning

Special Section: What to Do If a Terminated Employee Sues You

  • The legal documentation you’ll be expected to provide in court
  • How to keep the lawsuit from being a case of “he said/she said”
  • Case studies of managers who decided they could ignore the Civil Rights Act
  • If your company is sued – 3 ways to come out a winner in court
  • Conduct expected from you when you’re in court


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