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Strengthening Your People Skills in the Workplace
Gain essential skills for understanding, relating to, and working better with all types of people ... even the most difficult!

Program Description:
One-Day Seminar

Dear Professional:

No doubt about it: Individuals with excellent interpersonal skills rise to the top — in their careers, in their organizations and in life!

You’ve probably seen it happen time and again. Take two people with similar skills and knowledge, but one of them has enviable people skills while the other’s interpersonal skills are only mediocre. Which one gets ahead faster and goes further? You know the answer to that one — no contest!

What you may not know is that effective interpersonal skills can be learned — just like any other skill.

It’s true! In fact, many a top professional who appears to be a “born people person” — comfortable and confident in any situation — has taken training to master the interpersonal skills he or she uses to connect so powerfully with others. The ability to build effective professional relationships, to strike up instant rapport, to communicate with tact, and to make a memorable impression are nothing more than a collection of techniques that you can learn and cultivate.

Strengthening Your People Skills in the Workplace is an intensive new workshop that provides you with a one-day way to gain the essential people skills you need to push ahead in your career. No other skill set is as crucial to your professional or personal success! Attend, and you’ll learn how to …

Influence others to your way of thinking

  • Gain enthusiasm for your ideas, buy-in for your plans and support when you need it using a concise method for persuasion.
Build immediate rapport with new people
  • Connect with new people quickly, establishing rapport sure to result in solid, long-lasting professional relationships.
Handle difficult people more effectively with less stress
  • Counteract typical tactics difficult people use, and gain insight into why difficult people behave the way they do.
Deal confidently with conflict, confrontation and disagreements
  • Prevent conflict before it happens by confronting others professionally, calmly and tactfully over differences you have.
Pinpoint and eliminate habits and tendencies that hold you back
  • Continue to strengthen your people skills long after this workshop is over by recognizing and eliminating self-sabotaging interpersonal habits.

Ask yourself honestly: Are your people skills holding you back professionally? If you’ve read this far in this brochure about strengthening your interpersonal effectiveness, there’s a strong chance that you know all too well that the answer to this question is YES.

So stop struggling with your interpersonal challenges on your own! Make the commitment right now to attend this workshop and get the proven tools and techniques you need to make an immediate, dramatic improvement in the way you work with others. Don’t wait any longer to achieve the career success — and the personal success — you deserve!


Increasing Interpersonal Success Through Self-Awareness

  • Understanding how strong interpersonal skills will magnify your personal power dramatically
  • Assessing your interpersonal skills: How successfully do you interact with others?
  • Exploring your interpersonal behavior: In what situations do you feel powerful? Powerless? Overpowering? Unsure? Anxious?
  • Analyzing various communication styles and recognizing your own
  • Strategies for effectively interacting with communication styles different from yours
  • Pinpointing interpersonal habits and tendencies that may be holding you back

Rapport-Building: Establishing Solid Working Relationships Up and Down the Ladder

  • Where “people skills” go bad: Top mistakes that sour relationships — and how to avoid them
  • Introvert or extrovert? How to use your personality type to your advantage when building rapport
  • Proven techniques for “connecting” with people you don’t know
  • The secret to making others feel valued and important
  • 10 bridge-builders that create strong alliances with other departments
  • Creating an environment where everyone feels safe in expressing themselves openly
  • Recognizing the unlimited power of sincere praise

How to Persuade and Influence Others to Your Way of Thinking

  • Creating a win-win approach — your key to dealing successfully with others at all levels
  • Step-by-step method for persuading others with a quick, concise message
  • Assertive vs. aggressive: Understanding why strong-arm tactics backfire every time
  • Tips for gaining buy-in for your ideas and plans
  • Surefire techniques for winning over an adversary to your way of thinking
  • Go to Plan B: Understanding your options when they simply won’t see it your way

Working With Difficult People and Handling Tough Situations

  • Why are difficult people difficult? The answers may surprise you
  • Recognizing how your attitudes and behaviors impact the behavior of others
  • Analyzing the classic types of difficult people
  • Typical weapons difficult people use and how to counteract them
  • Finding the right words: EASY scripts you can use to get through tough situations
  • Constructive feedback: Techniques for giving criticism in a way that creates positive behavior change
  • Tips for handling criticism calmly when it’s dished out to you

Working Through Conflict With Tact and Finesse

  • Policies that help minimize conflict in the workplace
  • What’s the real problem? Getting to the root cause
  • Elements of constructive confrontation: How to face it calmly, confidently and head-on
  • Techniques for defusing explosive situations quickly and easily
  • The 3-step method of working through a situation to permanently resolve conflict
  • Negotiation strategies that turn no's into yeses
  • Tips for keeping your emotions from sabotaging you during conflict or confrontation

Listening Skills: Your Strategic Advantage in Interpersonal Effectiveness

  • How excellent listening skills can expand your personal power
  • Master the basics of active listening – and double your communication effectiveness
  • Are you unintentionally shutting down important information or feedback?
  • Here’s how to stop it
  • What are they really trying to tell you? Reading body language and nonverbal cues
  • To feel listened to is to feel valued: How to make colleagues or employees feel “heard”
  • What to do when the person you’re listening to won’t stop talking

People Skills to Help You Shine in Specific Situations

  • Making a memorable, positive impression in those crucial first few seconds
  • Interpersonal skills at work during business lunches and dinners
  • Making networking events productive — instead of a torturous waste of time
  • At a loss for small talk at work-related social functions? Try these tips
  • Assertive communication in action: Practicing responses for various workplace situations
  • Tips for saying “no” without arousing anger or resentment
  • Major communication mistakes that can damage your career — and how to avoid them



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