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Copywriting for the Digital World
Hone your digital content craft in this interactive two-day course

Program Description:
Two-Day Seminar

Today’s plugged-in, wearable and shareable world demands more!

Content marketing has grown so big and so fast that it took many companies by surprise, as well as the men and women who create the content. Too many marketing professionals are using outdated approaches or taking stabs in the dark at what will work for this new digital audience. Time to take the guesswork out of the equation.

Join us for this new digital marketing and content creation training event where you not only learn cutting-edge strategy, but you also get to practice it during the session. You can brainstorm ideas, ask questions of our world-class trainers ... or even kick around ideas with other creative attendees learning right alongside you! And you won’t just learn how to write content, but you’ll also learn everything you need to know about the ever-changing and ever-growing digital marketplace.

Spend time both days practicing what you’ve learned and getting real-world answers to your most difficult writing challenges

After two fast-paced days, you’ll walk away with the latest techniques on how to¬† ...

  • Define your content writing strategy
  • Build your brand and reputation through digital marketing
  • Increase online leads, sales and customer loyalty
  • Maximize your energy and effort with time, team and project management tools
  • Clarify the online platforms you should be using and the messages you should be delivering
  • Analyze activity output and message impact using proven formulas and methods that can be monitored, measured and managed
  • Write more powerful content for your blogs, social media posts, photo captions, slideshows, videos and infographics

Research shows that 90% of your consumers demand quality content, but 60% of it is totally ineffective. Don’t sit spinning your wheels ... come find out exactly what works and practice what you learn!


The message is money—know your audience and your objectives

  • Content is a commodity: Understand why you’re developing it
  • B2B and B2C marketing are old news! Engage your readers with H2H marketing
  • The 4 major communication styles and the info they need from you to take action
  • Know your audience and what drives them
  • Using a simple mind mapping technique, discover the who, what, when, where and why of your campaign messaging

Tools and techniques to maximize your energy and effort

  • Define and refine the writing process, beginning with YOU
  • Develop habits, routines and rituals that will increase your productivity while reducing your stress
  • Use the latest time management tools to track your project activity and output
  • Coordinate and collaborate with your team using project management apps to simplify and streamline the writing process so you never miss a deadline
  • Never miss a deadline again: How to create a multi-project writing calendar
  • Discover heat maps, word clouds and other online tools that will help determine which keywords you should be using in your writing
  • Develop an easy-to-access library of usable content
  • The big advantage of a basic content management follow chart
  • Simple tracking methods for determining the needs of your readers

Pairing the perfect content with the correct platforms

  • The stats: Who’s on what platforms—age, gender, interests
  • Integrate the 3 pillars of a digital campaign: Web site, social media, email
  • How to create a 360-degree campaign
  • Start using a messaging flowchart that crosses all platforms: Instagram®, Pinterest®, Snap®, YouTube®, Twitter®, Facebook®, LinkedIn®, Google+® and your Web site
  • Turn “see-sonal” content into seasonal content
  • Understand the important role hashtags play in coordinating your online marketing efforts
  • Use trending hashtags to write copy and join the online conversation
  • Discover why headlines are even more important online and use the free headline grader to evaluate yours
  • Learn the top 10 headlines that pull readers in

Rolling up your sleeves and getting to work

  • Create copy using the 4 pillars of content creation: Communication, collaboration, education and entertainment
  • Learn to write “now,” “new” and “evergreen” copy
  • Brainstorming techniques for generating content ideas
  • What to write when you don’t have enough copy and what to eliminate when you’ve got too much
  • Reverse engineer copy you’ve already written
  • Use the 3 Rs to repurpose, repackage and redeliver it to the right audience on the right platform
  • Tips, tricks and tools for developing content for blogs, social media posts, photos with captions, slideshows, videos and infographics
  • A demo of what content creation tools like Canva and Splice can do for you
  • Show and tell your story using photos and graphics
  • Words for the Web: A look at spelling and grammar online
  • The perfectly optimized Web site page and what’s on it
  • Are emoticons and emojis ever appropriate in business writing? Should you use them?

Don’t rest on your success—how to gather and use monitoring data

  • The content marketing equation: Objectives + Goals + Action = Success
  • Measure your ROIs: Return on investment, influence and involvement
  • Know the best times to post based on your own Facebook® analytics
  • Use Google Analytics™ to measure the effectiveness of your Web site copy by watching how readers navigate through your pages


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