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The Conference for Women
Are you ready — really ready — to create a future filled with professional success and achievement?

Program Description:
One-Day Conference

In The Conference for Women, you’ll learn ...

  • Best practices for leading projects and people
  • Techniques that promote standing up for yourself and resolving conflict
  • How to create a powerful, positive image
  • Tips for developing a passion for your work
  • And much more

This special conference is designed to help you develop yourself professionally and find fulfillment in everything you do! There are absolutely no limits to what you can achieve ... especially when you’re equipped with the right tools, the right plan and the right attitude, and that’s what this conference is all about. You’ll spend the day with the most inspiring professional female trainers you’ll ever hear — and network with women who are facing the same life situations you are. It’s a day full of meaningful insights you won’t soon forget!

We’ve packed a lot of information into just one day, so feel free to move in and out of the two tracks and 10 dynamic sessions. It’s your conference — don’t miss a thing!



Session 1: How to communicate like a pro

  • Tips for delivering confident, powerful and persuasive presentations—one-on-one or in any group situation
  • You don’t have to be pushy to get your point across: How to correctly use assertive language and mannerisms that send a message of power, confidence and authority
  • How to avoid grammar gaffes, punctuation pitfalls, typographical travesties and other written mistakes that could label you as unprofessional or careless
  • Discover the most common communication pitfalls—and how to sidestep them
  • How to present your ideas to upper management, clients, co-workers, those you manage—anyone—in a way that gets attention and ensures “buy in” and support
Session 2: Conflict management skills especially for women
  • The 6-step approach to win-win conflict resolution
  • Expressing yourself without accusation, sarcasm or hostility
  • How to make sure you’re not asking for the very behavior from others you find hard to handle
  • The real differences between how men and women communicate
  • A 4-step approach to delivering feedback that’s specific, nonaccusatory and gets results
  • How to handle rejection and still feel good about yourself
Session 3: A brand-new you ... assertiveness skills that lead to success
  • 5 strategies for turning indecisiveness into assertive action
  • Eliminating behaviors that label you “weak” and “hesitant”
  • When the word is “No” —here’s how to say it and mean it without hurt feelings and misunderstandings
  • Get rid of the passive, eradicate the aggressive and thrive with the assertive approach instead
  • Asserting yourself with those especially challenging personalities
Session 4: Learning to lead
  • What a leader is ... and isn’t
  • 5 inevitable leadership challenges and how to overcome them
  • How leaders delegate and multiply their impact
  • All leaders talk ... now learn the strategies of those who communicate
  • How to see long-term—and put your vision into a plan
Session 5: How to keep difficult people from ruining your day
  • You can express anger in healthy, constructive ways—this can actually help resolve the conflict
  • Great insight into mending relationships you thought were permanently damaged
  • 6 extremely reliable techniques for keeping your cool no matter how heated the situation
  • How to manage the anxiety that goes hand in hand with difficult encounters
  • 5 fears that keep women from confronting people who rub them the wrong way
  • Are you sure your beliefs and attitudes aren’t contributing to the problem?


Session 1: Are you doing what you love—or even loving what you’re doing?
  • How to find out what’s really important to you
  • 8 reasons to seek passion in your work and life
  • Proven ways to bring more value to your present position
  • How to embrace change if it’s necessary for passionate living
  • Answering the Big One: Am I living the way I want to live?
  • Regain your passion for your work and see yourself thrive
Session 2: How to say the right thing in tough situations
  • The secret to dealing with people directly, honestly and on equal footing
  • The 5 Golden Rules for having conversations turn out the way you want
  • How to address even the most awkward topics—like body odor, bad breath, poor table manners and inappropriate dress—in a way that leaves everyone’s dignity intact
  • No more conversational cul-de-sacs or wrong turns! How to plan your interactions in advance so you won’t get sidetracked
  • Tips on how to ask for things—a deadline extension, a raise, relief from an assignment—without being apologetic or defensive
Session 3: Keep your emotions from running the show
  • How to overcome your “fear of foolishness” and loosen up a little
  • Have you tried this? Unusual—but effective—ways to manage stress and beat the blues
  • Exercise your humor muscle! Learn how to use levity to cope with problems and make yourself feel good
  • The 6 Golden Rules for maintaining emotional control
  • What to do when you’re really upset and you know you’re going to cry
  • How to uncover your anger triggers ... and how to express anger productively
Session 4: Personalize your work space to feed your spirit
  • Creative ideas for personalizing your space in a way that makes you feel good as soon as you step in the door
  • What hidden messages is your work environment sending? Here’s how to decode your d├ęcor and change it for the better
  • How to use music to improve your performance ... and why you must consider the type of work and time of day when making your selection
  • How the placement of items on your desk can affect your mood and ability to get things done
  • How color, furniture placement, greenery and lighting can affect your vitality and enthusiasm
Session 5: Presenting yourself as a woman who’s going places
  • Why your personal appearance plays an important role in whether you’re taken seriously at what you do
  • How to foster an appearance that shows you’re in command, yet approachable
  • How to keep from sabotaging your own success
  • Are you guilty of these credibility busters? Learn which mannerisms, gestures and speech habits you should avoid at all costs
  • How to handle stressed-out people and difficult situations calmly and confidently
  • How to project an image of self-confidence and assertiveness without seeming “pushy”


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