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Powerful Communication Skills for Women
Become a more motivating, persuasive and effective communicator in just one day of training!

Program Description:
One-Day Seminar

There’s no doubt about it: Professionals who communicate effectively and confidently go further faster in their careers than those who don’t. Today more than ever, top-notch communication skills are an absolute must if you want to get ahead professionally.

Yet, communicating with power and finesse is a skill that doesn’t come naturally to most of us. You know what I mean. Like when you’re drowned out at an important meeting by men with louder voices. Or you’ve got an excellent idea that gets dismissed, and then 10 minutes later someone suggests the exact same thing and everyone is suddenly all for it. Or when you’re speaking to someone up the chain of command and he or she acts like you’re invisible. Talk about frustrating!

Powerful Communication Skills for Women is a phenomenal communication workshop designed specifically for professionals like you. We’ve boiled down “the most important of the most important” communication skills you need to get your ideas across, resolve long-standing conflicts, shine in meetings, persuade and influence others — and that’s just for starters!

In short, you’ll learn step by step how to be seen as a highly credible, authoritative communicator who commands attention and gets things done. You’ll leave this exhilarating event armed with the tools and techniques you need to be a more motivating, more persuasive and more effective professional. Get ready to be entertained, inspired, motivated and changed forever as you discover the communication secrets of the country’s most successful and influential women!

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to gain essential communication skills that will take your career to new heights as you gain respect and admiration from those at all levels of your organization.


Susan Brown
Senior Workshop Leader

P.S. You can attend as a team and save! Register any 3 from your organization and the 4th attends absolutely FREE.


Assertive Communication: Your Key to Establishing Credibility and Projecting Confidence

  • Master the “how-to’s” of assertive communication for a confident, credible, professional image
  • Assertive communication in action: Practicing assertive responses for various workplace situations
  • How to recognize and eliminate self-sabotaging speech habits that damage your credibility
  • What is your body language communicating? Using gestures, posture and eye contact to your professional advantage
  • Major communication mistakes that damage women’s careers — and how to avoid them

How to Sharpen Your Listening Skills — and Double Your Communication Effectiveness!

  • The basics of “active listening” — how these techniques will skyrocket your effectiveness overnight
  • How to read nonverbal communication cues to hear what people are REALLY saying
  • The secret of using “attentive silence” to gain information you need from others
  • Are they listening to YOU? How to ensure that your listeners correctly understood what you just said
  • Don’t have all day to listen to someone go on and on? Help your speaker get to the point

Master the Art of Communicating With Tact and Finesse

  • What to say when: Scripts for communicating diplomatically in a variety of touchy situations
  • Guidelines for delivering criticism that results in a positive behavior change instead of anger or hurt feelings
  • When the shoe is on the other foot: How to respond professionally to criticism without becoming defensive
  • Tips for getting your foot out of your mouth when you’ve said something less than tactful
  • “How-to’s” for saying “no” in a calm, confident manner — without feeling guilty

Resolving Conflict and Confrontation Through Effective Communication

  • How to face confrontation head-on and communicate professionally
  • Verbal self-defense techniques for defusing conflict before it escalates out of control
  • Words and phrases likely to get you into trouble in a conflict situation — and better alternatives
  • Effective responses for disarming disagreeable people, tantrum throwers and whiners
  • Tips for remaining calm and poised when tears threaten or you’re ready to explode at someone

Rapport-Building Techniques for Strengthening Professional Relationships

  • How to communicate a dynamic, memorable first impression in just seconds
  • Instant rapport builders that will help you connect with absolutely anyone
  • Keys to developing rapport and building alliances up and down the ladder
  • Networking “how-to’s” for building professional relationships outside your organization

The Power of Persuasion: Getting Others to See It Your Way

  • A step-by-step method for winning "nay sayers" over to your point of view
  • Communication techniques that master negotiators rely upon when the going gets tough
  • The importance of working toward win-win agreement instead of win-lose “victory”
  • WIIFM? Tips for communicating your ideas in a way that others buy into
  • Plan B: Understanding your options when the other party refuses to budge even an inch

How to Shine at Meetings and in Front of Groups

  • 5 tips for communicating like a standout at meetings
  • What to do when men are talking loudly and you can’t seem to get a word in edgewise
  • Techniques the pros use for calming the nervous jitters before they speak
  • Keys to organizing your thoughts quickly when making informal remarks or giving impromptu talks
  • Simple, winning formulas for creating exceptional presentations



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