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Communicating with Tact, Influence & Finesse

Program Description:
Two-Day Seminar

Recommended for managers, supervisors and professionals who need to develop superior communication skills to excel in their careers and in their personal lives.

Professionals who possess strong communication skills seem to naturally stand head and shoulders above their peers. You can see it in the confident image they project. You can hear it in the polished style with which they speak. It's even reflected in the support shown by colleagues.

At this two-day seminar, you'll master the skills it takes to become one of these accomplished communicators. You'll learn how to voice your opinion with authority and tact. You'll find new ways to gain personal and professional respect. Plus, you'll take part in unique exercises designed to help you maintain a sense of dignity, control and understanding, no matter how intense or heated business situations become.


Speak With Tact and Presence

  • The #1 way professionals damage their reputations when they speak and how you can avoid it
  • How to capitalize on your personal speaking style and project a confident image
  • 3 steps for delivering crystal-clear instructions that tell employees exactly what you expect
  • How to use humor in the workplace
  • 3 guidelines to getting employees, up and down the corporate ladder, to respect what you have to say
  • How to defend your viewpoints without creating bad blood between you and others
  • Yes, there is a time and place to express your anger — here's how to do it
  • How to control the damage and move on when you've said something you shouldn't have
  • EXERCISE: Practice speaking diplomatically and persuasively at different corporate levels in this role-playing activity

Learn to Analyze and Use What You Hear

  • How to accurately "read between the lines" when a person gives vague or sketchy answers to your questions
  • How to strategically use silence to get more information out of a person
  • 3 critical considerations you should make before repeating grapevine gossip or unofficial news
  • How to avoid sending nonverbal signals that discourage people from expressing themselves
  • A great way to keep your attention level up and your mind from wandering during lengthy meetings
  • How to verify what someone is telling you and to leave no room for misunderstandings
  • EXERCISE: Discover just how accurately you interpret what others are saying in this listening-skills activity

Convey Your Professional Image in Writing

  • How to write concise proposals, memos and reports that are easy to read and understand
  • How to avoid the 10 most common writing errors before they mar your professional image for good
  • 4 steps you should always take to ensure that what you write won't come back to haunt you later
  • How to close loopholes that could leave the documents you write open to interpretation
  • 3 times when it's not only acceptable to put your personality into business letters ... but it's also advisable
  • 15 ways to add punch and prestige to every document you write

Gain Dynamic Leadership and Motivation Skills

  • How to keep your foot out of your mouth and speak wisely in stressful situations
  • How to counsel adversarial department members and get them to view each other as valued colleagues
  • The 4-to-1 rule that top managers use to constructively criticize employees without damaging morale
  • Draw upon proven speaking techniques to win support and gain attention
  • 5 statements you should never ever make during employee evaluations unless you like spending time in court
  • How to avoid causing permanent damage to professional relations when you lock horns with your peers
  • How to inform your staff of an unpopular decision without breaking morale and team spirit



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