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How to Communicate With Tact, Professionalism, and Diplomacy
Learn the secrets to being seen as a polished, influential professional who garners respect and builds positive relationships with ease.

Program Description:
One-Day Seminar

People judge you by how you communicate. Learn the secrets to coming across as positive, credible, friendly, and professional … and watch your results soar!

It’s a fact: The ability to communicate effectively can make or break your career. Don’t believe it? Consider this staggering statistic from a survey of U.S. businesses: ”Inability to communicate“ and ”poor communication skills“ were listed as the top reasons for employees not succeeding on the job.

That probably comes as no surprise to you, because as a professional today you’ve seen time and again how people who have first-rate communication skills go farther faster in their organizations than those who don’t. But contrary to popular belief, the ability to communicate with finesse and diplomacy isn’t a gift that some are born with and the rest of us lack. It’s a skill that can be learned and mastered, just like any other skill.

This training offers the easiest, most effective way to build essential communication skills
In today’s highly competitive business environment, effective, diplomatic communication is a skill that must be mastered if you intend to get ahead and stay there. How to Communicate With Tact, Professionalism, and Diplomacy is a powerful workshop that combines all facets of on-the-job interpersonal communication — from speaking to writing to listening to presenting — and shows you step-by-step how to master them.

This intensive day of communication training boils down tons of information into ”the most important of the most important“ so you learn the powerful techniques, tools, and strategies that will make the most significant impact on your effectiveness.

For example, you’ll learn …

  • Expert techniques for exerting influence on the actions and attitudes of others
  • How-to’s for communicating diplomatically in a variety of tough situations
  • Strategies for opening the lines of communication to end energy-draining feuding and infighting in your department
  • Presentation skills that will make you a standout in meetings
  • How to make sure your e-mails and reports get better results

Stop learning the hard way through trial and error!
The truth is that most of us haven’t had the opportunity to learn the essential communication skills taught in this comprehensive workshop. Instead, we stumble along doing the best we can and sooner or later, we open mouth, insert foot!

You’ve been there, right? Whether you spoke too soon and said something you didn’t mean to, communicated bad news in a way that caused morale to plummet, or found yourself blindsided by a question in a meeting, you’ve undoubtedly been in situations where you said the wrong thing and regretted it later.

We all have. And it’s only because you didn’t have the communication skills you needed to handle the situation more diplomatically. As a result, your work relationships may have suffered in the past, coworkers may have formed grudges against you, and your projects missed deadlines because your people couldn’t get along.

Become a highly respected, highly influential, highly successful communicator!
Attend this intensive communication workshop and you can say good-bye to misunderstandings and miscommunication once and for all! Imagine how great it will feel — and how your career will benefit — when you suddenly have the ability to get your point across powerfully but diplomatically, when you’re understood every time you speak, when you’re respected by colleagues for your communication savvy.

Whether you’re a manager, supervisor, sales rep, attorney, technician, or HR professional, the degree of career success you enjoy is virtually dictated by your skills in communicating with others on the job. How to Communicate With Tact, Professionalism, and Diplomacy is guaranteed to help you communicate more powerfully, more diplomatically, and more effectively with every encounter.


I. Communicating With Diplomacy and Finesse

  • How strong interpersonal skills will magnify your personal power dramatically
  • Words and phrases that will get you in trouble every time – and better options to replace them
  • Where communication typically breaks down between people
  • Damage control strategies for getting your foot out of your mouth when you’ve made a statement you regret

II. Creating the Image of a Professional, Powerful Communicator

  • Take advantage of your personal strengths and communication pluses
  • Avoid speaking habits that automatically brand you as a “lightweight”
  • Tips for controlling your body language and gestures to communicate the message you want
  • How to appear poised and confident even when you’re not

III. Listening Skills That Can Double Your Communication Effectiveness

  • Listening: the most powerful – and underused – communication tool
  • When silence is power: how to use it to gain information from others
  • What to do when the person you’re listening to just can’t seem to get to the point

IV. Communicating With Tact in Difficult Situations – and With Difficult People

  • How to deal verbally with backstabbing, ridicule, and the aggressive tactics of others
  • What to do when you’re challenged or put down in front of others
  • Tips for quickly defusing explosive or tense situations

V. How to Build Rapport, Strengthen Work Relationships, and Achieve Respect

  • Smart ways to build strong and supportive alliances with other departments
  • Develop critical rapport builders that help you connect with others immediately
  • Make sure you get credit for your contributions – 6 ways to toot your own horn without bragging
  • Recognize and tap into the informal channels of information

VI. SPECIAL SECTION: Exuding Professionalism in Your Writing – Even E-mails!

  • Why a casual tone is key to today’s business communication – and tips for achieving it
  • Avoid the most common mistakes made in writing e-mails and memos
  • E-mails: the importance of accuracy and professional tone even in informal correspondence and messages

VII. Communicating to Persuade and Influence

  • Tips for presenting your point of view in a way that will generate respect
  • Negotiation strategies the pros rely on for success
  • When they just won’t see it your way: understanding your options


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