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Assertiveness Skills for Managers
Don't miss this incredible opportunity to give your communication skills the assertive boost that’ll help you achieve tremendous results

Program Description:
One-Day Seminar

Assertiveness isn’t an option for success-minded managers — it’s a must-have skill.

That’s because as a manager, it’s your job to get the best possible results through others day in and day out. To get great results, you’ve got to be authoritative without steamrolling people ... make your points powerfully without coming across as pushy ... gain cooperation and commitment without being heavy-handed ... resolve conflicts without losing your cool.

Assertiveness Skills for Managers & Supervisors is a powerful one-day seminar designed to provide you with the communication essentials you need to manage with greater confidence and authority. Through interactive exercises, insightful discussions, and activities, you’ll master people skills and assertive communication techniques guaranteed to give you an edge when you deal with people, problems, and situations that once caused you stress.


  • Speak up assertively without seeming pushy
  • Handle problem employees quickly and effectively
  • Get the credit you deserve for your ideas
  • Encourage employees to bring you solutions — not problems
  • Handle conflicts and crises calmly and effectively
  • Give constructive criticism that gets positive results
  • Avoid communication and misunderstandings that can damage working relationships
  • Handle your mistakes quickly and move on
  • Deal firmly and professionally with those who question your authority

Make the commitment to attend this seminar, and you’ll master the assertive management techniques you need to handle these tough situations and many others with confidence.


Manage With Authority

  • How to avoid crossing the line between assertive and aggressive behavior
  • Discover which of the 3 types of bosses you are with this confidential management survey
  • How to exercise your authority without being a tyrant or a taskmaster
  • YES! It’s all right to show your anger ... here’s how to do it constructively
  • How to confidently handle complaints and criticism from your peers
  • 3 techniques top professionals use to gain the hard-earned respect of higher-ups
  • How to use “the buck stops here” management style that’s the hallmark of an effective leader

Become a Master of Persuasion and Negotiation

  • How to powerfully state your opinion without appearing hostile
  • A great way to get even the most unbudging opponent to compromise
  • The 1 form of persuasion that employees hate and how to avoid using it
  • 3 phrases that will instantly dilute any suggestion you make ... and what to say instead
  • How to involve employees in managerial decision-making without inviting them to usurp your authority
  • The 4-to-1 rule savvy managers use to criticize employees and get positive results fast
  • 5 expert negotiation tactics for handling stonewallers and stubborn bargainers
  • 6 vital tips for ensuring that employees will carry out your instructions to the letter

Handle Conflicts and Crises With Confidence

  • How to defend yourself without letting your emotions get the best of you
  • How to get employees to solve problems on their own instead of bringing them to you all the time
  • 3 methods for dealing with aggressive colleagues
  • The secret to changing the way you feel about a person or policy you don’t agree with
  • How to use assertive body language that tells everyone you mean exactly what you say
  • The most effective way to cut to the heart of any problem
  • How to firmly handle peers who try to exert power over you or your staff members

Gain Support and Dedication From Your Staff

  • The professional way to admit you’ve made a mistake and move on
  • How to defend your employees’ actions without damaging your credibility
  • Step-by-step guidelines for helping your team meet deadlines when the pressure is on
  • How to decisively handle chronic troublemakers who destroy worker loyalty and motivation
  • 1 of the most powerful employee motivators that many managers fail to use
  • How to put an unpopular decision into effect without damaging employee morale
  • How to organize a self-sufficient team you can rely on to get things done — even when you’re out of the office
  • How to avoid stress-induced burnout, frustration, and exhaustion by using superior delegation skills


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