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The Administrative Assistants Conference
You work hard every day. You deserve this amazing opportunity to learn, grow, and share with other great professionals just like you!

Program Description:
1-Day Conference

Come and join us for a celebration of administrative professionals EVERYWHERE!

You’re the number one support for other people – for your coworkers, bosses, vendors, and clients. You spend your time and your energy making sure everybody else has everything they need, but are you doing everything you can for your own professional growth?

It’s time you spent one day focused on YOU – and your own career!

Join us for The All-New Administrative Assistants Conference and you’ll build success skills that will last a lifetime. We’ve absolutely packed this conference with informative sessions taught by nationally acclaimed speakers. You’ll attend an energizing opening session, get to choose from eight fantastic breakout sessions, and finish up with a closing session that will absolutely inspire you!

Imagine spending time with other administrative professionals in positions just like yours – sharing stories and trading tips with people who’ve been there, done that, and really understand how demanding your job can be. Use this time out of the office to reenergize and refocus and gain a fresh perspective on your priorities, your goals, and your career. It’s an experience that you absolutely don’t want to miss.

Treat yourself to a little fun and professional pampering. After all your hard work, you deserve it!


Susan Enyeart
Conference Chair


Opening Session: If Your Life’s a Circus, It’s Time to Become the Ringleader
Everybody else always demands your time and attention – it’s time to kick off your day of training with some focus on the person who really matters: you! You’ll discover why it’s so important to set boundaries, understand communication – and take time out for yourself. You’ll become energized and inspired to be the absolute best you can be!

Stepping Up: You May Not Have Authority, But You’re Still in Charge

You’re not the boss – but you’re responsible for organizing people and projects and making sure that things get done. If you can’t get others to turn things over to you on time … constantly have to play catch-up or stay late … or feel you can’t ask others for help, you need to learn the art of delegation without authority!

Communication Essentials: The Top 10 Email Dos and Don’ts
If you’ve ever had something you’ve written in an email misunderstood or misinterpreted, you know what a disaster it can be! It’s essential that you’re sending the right message. Join us for a session that’s as fun as it is informative, from hilarious bad examples to the things you’d never think to look for … but can really make a difference!

From Dollars to Donuts – The Keys to Dealing With Vendors and Suppliers
Working with vendors and suppliers can be tricky. You have to have strong negotiation skills … keep expert records on price, quality, and service … and develop great relationships with the vendors and suppliers you depend on most. Make sure you remain firm and professional, whether handling negotiations or dealing with those who overpromise and underdeliver!

How to Stop “Office Politics” in Its Tracks
Unless you’re in an office of two and never talk to anyone but your boss, you’ve probably had a run-in with office politics. People want to gossip, struggle for their own piece of turf, even backstab coworkers. It’s not fun, it’s not healthy, and you need to be above it all! Discover the tools you can use to disengage from negative behaviors, and to build strong, positive, and professional relationships across departmental lines.

Image Management: Presenting Your Best Side to the World

How you present yourself reflects on you, your boss – your entire company. Make sure your image is strong and confident! We’ll help you let your inner light shine through and show you how the right attitude fosters an atmosphere of respect. When you look and feel professional and poised, you gain an aura of confidence – and you enhance your credibility!

Setting Boundaries: Calm, Confident, and Assertive Communication
You want to be liked at work, helpful, a team player. But that doesn’t give others license to take advantage of you! If you’re not being taken seriously, get railroaded into tasks or projects that aren’t your job but you can’t say “no,” or if people just don’t seem to listen … this session is for you. Discover how to make others see you as the strong, confident individual you are!

Creating the Perfect Admin/Boss Team
There are few things more satisfying than being a trusted and valued partner with your boss – whether you work for one person or a dozen. Learn how to understand your boss’s goals and objectives … develop strengths that complement your supervisor’s and enhance your working relationship … or even save a failing relationship if you and your boss aren’t communicating clearly!

Emotional Intelligence – The Superhero Skill That Lets You Work Well With Everyone
Sometimes the hardest thing about your job isn’t your task list – it’s the people! Fortunately, there’s a way that you can make that pain, stress, and frustration go away: emotional intelligence. Learn how EI can help you build relationships, gain respect, project confidence, enhance your credibility … and talk with everybody, no matter what their positions or personalities!

Closing Session:
Living Your Life to the Fullest – and Enjoying Every Minute

When life gets hectic, it’s easy to get distracted and overwhelmed – and when it’s not, it’s easy to get into a rut! It’s time for some fresh, fun ideas on how to maintain a healthy balance between your job and everything else that matters in your life. You’ll be able to use the things you love to stay motivated and upbeat, no matter what’s going on around you. Plus, you’ll learn some amazing stress-relieving techniques you can use to take a step back, refocus, and reenergize … in a matter of minutes!



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