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04/21/14 How to Avoid Making a Costly Mistake When Reading & Signing Contracts
04/22/14 Collaborative Intelligence in the Workplace
04/23/14 Implementing a Social Media Strategy
04/24/14 Keys to Effective Employee Orientation
04/28/14 The Essentials of Credibility, Confidence and Composure
04/29/14 Microsoft Outlook Tips, Tricks, and Techniques
04/30/14 Delegation Skills for Managers & Supervisors
05/01/14 Business Writing Essentials
05/02/14 The I-9 Reporting and Compliance Webinar
05/05/14 How to Facilitate Meetings Effectively
05/06/14 How to Keep Technology from Killing Workplace Civility
05/07/14 How to Effectively Handle Customer Complaints
05/08/14 OSHA Record-keeping Compliance
05/09/14 Managing Chaos & Pressure at Work
05/12/14 How to Effectively Supervise Off-Site Employees
05/13/14 Harnessing the Power of Excel Database Features
05/14/14 How to Legally Terminate People With Attitude Problems
05/15/14 Stress-Free Relationships: How to Work with Any Personality
05/19/14 How to Use Adobe Acrobat
05/20/14 Payroll Update: Multi-State Taxation and Reporting
05/21/14 How to Go From Drained to Energized
05/22/14 Developing Your Leadership Voice: How to Be an Effective Communicator Who Gets Results
05/27/14 Communicating Through E-Mail: Top 10 Dos and Don'ts
05/28/14 Records Retention & Destruction for Human Resources
05/29/14 Boosting Your Productivity with Excel Workbooks
05/30/14 Keys to Improving Employee Accountability
06/02/14 The Essentials of Employee Onboarding
06/03/14 Gossip and Grapevines in the Workplace
06/04/14 A Manager's Guide to Communicating Unpopular Decisions & Changes
06/05/14 How to Increase Your Productivity with MS Outlook
06/09/14 The Essentials of Front Desk Safety & Security
06/10/14 How to Conduct Effective Interviews
06/11/14 Simple, Quick & Stress-Free Organization Strategies
06/12/14 How to Prevent FMLA Abuse
06/13/14 How to Use Crystal Reports
06/16/14 Influential Leadership: Persuasion Techniques that Aren’t Pushy
06/17/14 Confidence & Assertiveness Skills for Women
06/19/14 Facebook Essentials: Developing a Great Facebook Strategy for Your Organization
06/20/14 10 Tips for Managing Resources in the Workplace
06/23/14 Mastering Microsoft Excel Macros
06/24/14 EEOC Investigations: Minimize Your Liability
06/25/14 The Business Grammar "Crash Course"
06/26/14 How to Give Effective Performance Feedback to Employees
06/30/14 Developing a Perpetually Positive Attitude
07/01/14 How to Be an Inspirational Leader
07/09/14 The Secrets of Successful Blogs
07/10/14 Untangle the Triangle: FMLA, Workers' Comp, and ADA
07/11/14 Creating Excel® Dashboards: Tips for CFOs and Finance Pros
07/14/14 Handling Confrontational Customers
07/15/14 Secrets of Clear Communication
07/16/14 Bulletproof Documentation
07/21/14 How to Read Financial Statements
07/22/14 How to Use Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables to Easily Summarize and Analyze Data
07/24/14 How to Create a Payroll Procedures Manual
07/25/14 Public Speaking Without Fear
07/28/14 Microsoft Outlook®: Advanced Features and Functions
07/30/14 Managing Employee Leave & Absenteeism
07/31/14 Dealing with the Dreaded "C": Conflict in the Workplace
08/04/14 Building Memory Skills
08/06/14 Organizing and Managing Data in Microsoft Excel®
08/07/14 Top 10 Management Survival Skills for First-Time Supervisors
08/12/14 Developing Trust and Respect in the Workplace
08/14/14 The Basics of Effective Project Management and Execution
08/19/14 Microsoft Word®: Tips and Techniques for Using Layout Tools
08/20/14 What's Taxable? Handling Special Payments to Employees
08/21/14 Success Strategies for the Introverted Leader
08/25/14 Writing With Diplomacy, Tact, & Finesse
08/26/14 Interviewing Tips: Weeding Out Bad Hires
08/27/14 How to Handle Emotions Under Pressure
08/28/14 iPads: Harnessing the Full Power of the Newest "Must Have" Tool for Work!

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