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  The Management Collection – Interactive CD-ROM Series  
No one is born knowing how to manage. But with the right training, people can learn.
List Price: $995.00
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The Management Collection is a progressive series of five management training courses that provides an easy, engaging and effective way for managers to acquire the knowledge and skills required for success.

This is training people LIKE to take.

Presented in a self-study format on an innovative CD-ROM platform, these programs provide the flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere. Self-study allows you to control your own learning - and research shows that’s the best way for adults to learn. In addition, self-study is cost effective – it requires no facilitator, no travel time or expense.

The Management Collection breaks the boring mold of traditional training programs.

Each course features:

  • Current, relevant and realistic content stories and situations
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  • Engaging, challenging and robust videogame interactivity
  • Large screen video and movie-style vignettes

But what knowledge and skills do managers need?

How do managers support their people in a way that increases their productivity? Research and the experience of successful managers identify four key management activities:

      1. Communicate explicit expectations
      2. Provide the information and resources to do the job right
      3. Measure, recognize and celebrate
      4. Show you care by encouraging growth
If you want to build your business, you need to teach your managers what to do AND you need to provide some tools to keep them engaged in these four key activities. That’s what The Management Collection is all about.

Did anybody learn anything? How will you know for sure?

Now those are good questions, with a simple answer: The OPUS Tests and Records Learning Management System (LMS). This helpful tool gives you around-the-clock access to participants’ progress by:

  • Recording trainee test results - right/wrong by question and pass /fail
  • Recording date trainee took the test
  • Allowing administrators to search records by trainee name, as well as course.
  • Enabling companies who have purchased “Preventing Sexual Harassment for Employees” or “Preventing Sexual Harassment for Managers” to enter their company-specific sexual harassment policies and procedures for truly customized training.

One low-cost annual fee allows companies access to ALL compatible training products. There is no per course fee, and no limit to the number of employees who take each course! One of the key benefits of The OPUS Tests and Records LMS is that it helps you ensure your associates have fully learned and comprehended the material.

At the end of each course, participants are presented with an online test so you can determine if they learned anything. The results of that test are then be stored in an online records database. You have secure access to training results, allowing you to objectively monitor participants’ progress and performance. This not only lets you to “keep tabs” on your training investment, but also provides additional benefits, by enabling you to use results as:

      * an evaluation tool on which to base employee reviews
      * a performance measurement tool to help you distinguish pay levels within your department

One low-cost annual fee – only $499 – gives you access to ALL tests and records for programs in the Management Collection and any other OPUS Training publications you've purchased from National Seminars Group. There is no per course fee, and no limit to the number of employees who take each course!

The Foundation of Management
Module One

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The Foundation of Management provides the groundwork for managers in any environment by covering basic techniques that all managers can build upon. Movie style video featuring comments from a variety of employees and managers give the trainee the opportunity to approach management from different perspectives. In addition, interactive exercises keep trainees engaged as they learn.

Participants will discover:

The Purpose of Management
Discover what the best managers really do - and specifically how they do it.

The Manager's Three Fundamental Responsibilities
Understand what your company demands of managers - whether they say it or not.

The Four Key Activities of Great Managers
The fast track to productivity, retention and profit.

Hands-On Activities & Decisions
The Expectation Challenge; Measurement & Key Driver Identification; Growth Strategy Evaluation

Reward and Recognition
Module Two

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Reward and Recognition uses high-end production, humor, and special effects to demonstrate practical techniques used by the world's most successful managers. In addition, interactive exercises – such as "the management continuum", in which trainees are asked to rate managers on a sliding scale – keep trainees engaged as they learn.

Participants will discover:

The Soul of "Management Genius"
Learn exactly how the best managers bring out the best in people and increase productivity.

The Most Powerful Principle of Productivity
Understand how to put this principle into immediate practice - and reap the rewards.

The Four Keys to Effective Recognition
Ignore these at your peril, use them today for your profit.

Hands-On Activities & Decisions
Management Continuum Identification; Predicting the Business Outcome; Recognition Principles Evaluation

Coaching for Performance
Module Three

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Delivered in large screen movie-style videos, Coaching for Performance uses a variety of entertaining and realistic workplace situations to demonstrate current and relevant coaching tips and techniques. In addition, this course is laced with challenging interactive exercises to keep trainees engaged as they learn.

Participants will discover:

The Six Reasons People Don't Do What They're Supposed to Do
Determine the root cause of non-performance and then, act decisively.

Four Simple (but not always easy) Steps to Improved Performance
Miss any one of these steps and you miss the chance for improvement.

The Three Absolute Requirements for the Coaching Conversation
Tend to these three requirements to insure coaching success - and to avoid disaster.

Hands-On Activities & Decisions
Non-Compliance Evaluation; Best Practices Identification; Causes of Non-Performance Quiz

Time Management for Managers
Module Four

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Time Management for Managers uses a story-line format to follow main character "Gary" through a normal day of work, but adds a twist. By beginning the story at the end of the day, trainees have the opportunity to see the results of poor time management. The trainee is then taken back to the beginning of Gary's day and allowed to evaluate the decisions he made one by one.

Participants will discover:

The People Paradox
Understanding this paradox and responding effectively is a critical key to management success.

The Four Quadrants of the Urgency/Importance Matrix
Learn to evaluate what matters most and discover how to sharpen your focus on results.

Who's Got the Monkey
Discover how managers can and must avoid taking on a subordinate's responsibility.

Hands-On Activities and Decisions
Goal Effectiveness Exercise; Priorities Evaluation; Task Planner

Preventing Sexual Harassment for Managers
Module Five

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Preventing Sexual Harassment for Managers features current and realistic content, stories and situations. Presented in a large screen video format, the course clearly defines acceptable boundaries in the workplace as well as the legal ramifications of sexual harassment.

Participants will discover:

The Legal Definition and Practical Implications of Sexual Harassment Law
Learn what managers need to know to protect their company and their careers.

Key Practices to Prevent Hostile Work Environment and Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment
Explore management practices that produce a safe, productive and conflict-free environment.

When Sexual Harassment Occurs
Understand the three specific actions managers must take when harassment occurs.

Hands-On Activities and Decisions
Workplace Audit; Constructive Knowledge Evaluation; Hostile Work Environment Evaluation


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