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  How To Coach Your Team To Exceptional Performance … the Coach Joe Way
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Online Program
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“Captivating!” “Unforgettable!” “Incredible!”
These are just a few words that people use to describe the amazing Coach Joe.

During his phenomenal 25-year tenure as one of America’s most respected leadership coaches, Joe Gilliam has motivated and inspired managers, supervisors, and team leaders from coast to coast. Sought after by top organizations in nearly every industry, the legendary “Coach Joe” provides expert leadership skills and proven strategies that can literally transform your organization.

An unforgettable motivator with unrivaled enthusiasm and insight, Coach Joe is guaranteed to captivate you with his take-no-prisoners speaking style and humorous delivery. He’ll show you step by step how to implement his widely hailed coaching, mentoring, and leadership techniques that have proven so effective where it counts … in the real world!
Give yourself … and your entire leadership team … the rare opportunity to train with Coach Joe — and expect dramatic improvement in your leadership effectiveness and results!


What You’ll Learn:

  • How to hold employees accountable for their behavior and performance
  • Secrets to building and sustaining a positive culture of teamwork through Coach Joe’s Power Formula
  • Techniques for dealing firmly with negative people who are draining your team of productive energy
  • How to establish clear expectations for employees
  • Why employees “do what they do” … and what you as a leader MUST do when employees are not doing “what they should do”
  • Why an effective leader can’t be “a buddy” to employees
  • How to improve employee performance and behavior through effective feedback
  • And more!

Your Trainer: “Coach” Joe Gilliam
A larger-than-life personality who tells it like it is, Joe Gilliam is a legend in business leadership circles and is widely regarded as one of America’s foremost leadership trainers.

People who’ve benefited from Joe’s incredible leadership coaching describe him as “an awesome presence who commands attention.” Coach Joe pulls no punches as he talks about the need for standards, empowerment, accountability and stronger leadership in the workplace. With his trademark humor and candor, he draws on life experiences as a management consultant, college dean and business mentor to illustrate essential leadership strategies and techniques.

Genuine and down-to-earth, Coach Joe always gives his audiences more than they expect: more inspiration, more motivation, and more insight into what it takes to be an effective leader.
Spend an unforgettable hour with the one and only Joe Gilliam, and let him inspire you to leadership success!

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