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  Fair Legal Effective -
The HR Skills for Managers Series

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HR Skills Every Manager Needs
List Price: $1,399.00
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Online Training, 12 Streamable and Downloadable Videos and 43 PDF Job Aids

Total Run Time: 9 hours and 11 minutes
Item No. 77000M

The Fair Legal and Effective HR Skills for Managers Series delivers 12 dense, information packed video modules which provide specific skills and techniques to be a more effective, legally compliant manager. This comprehensive training covers topics such as legal hiring and firing, progressive discipline, sexual harassment, ADA, FMLA, documentation standards and much more. Each module includes numerous time-saving PDF job aids to assist Manager’s and make your “HR Compliance” life easier.

The web-based assessments and certification for every module ensure comprehension of the program’s key points. HR directors can ensure broad, consistent training is delivered to all staff responsible for managing others, regardless of organization size, with fully documented, trackable results for the entire series.

Don’t let lack of knowledge, misunderstandings or misinformation regarding HR topics put your managers/supervisor or company at risk. Put this program, Fair Legal and Effective HR Skill for Managers at the very top of your “to-do” list and get your employees the training they need!


The Employee Hunt: Quick Tips to Find and Recruit Good People helps you target and attract your idealcandidates—those smart, loyal,hardworking, multitasking teamplayers everyone wants to hire. This video program emphasizes the best recruitment and hiring practices, including information you need in every employment ad, ways to get the word out about a job opening, and how to ensure that your ad attracts the best candidates. Play Clip   Learn More

Nothing Personal helps you navigate one of the most challenging aspects of hiring new people…the interview. Learn how to prepare for and conduct a behavior-based interview that gets to the heart of each applicant’s skills and abilities, and when to use different kinds of questions to get the answers you need. Play Clip   Learn More

Coaching for Performance teaches managers how to coachtheir employees to become self-startingproblem solvers to reachtheir peak performance. You’lllearn critical coaching skills,when it’s OK to get personal withyour employees, how to give constructivefeedback, and how to help employees solve theirown conflicts. Play Clip   Learn More

The Harassment Free Zone helps you, your company, andyour employees handle one of the toughest and most sensitive workplace issues: sexual harassment. Failing to understand the legal definition of sexual harassment and your obligations as manager can be very costly mistakes. This program covers what to include in a strong company policy, why training is your best defense against sexual harassment, and how to speak up when face with unwanted advancements and innuendos. Play Clip   Learn More

Setting the Tone shows you how to lead by example, and model the behaviors and relationships that are right for the workplace. This in-depth training also teaches you how to set a strong company policy, how to watch for the warning signs of sexual harassment and how to take steps to correct behavior that’s crossed the line. Play Clip   Learn More

Write It, File It will help you navigate the complex and often confusing maze of documents and records required by federal law and numerous regulatory agencies. Learn how to document employment related matters and employee actions legally, fairly and objectively. You’ll learn the right way to put it in writing and what and how to retain required information. Center, Inc. All Rigts Reserved. Play Clip   Learn More

We’re All Different! covers the rules and regulations that govern diversity issues, offers a clear understanding of proactive diversity measures, and gives you dozens of ideas for encouraging tolerance and understanding in your workplace. Race, gender, age, culture, beliefs – we are all different, but in the corporate world, we all need treat each other fairly and equally. Learn the tools to encourage diversity and tolerance in your organization today! Play Clip   Learn More

When Enough Is Enough shows you how to work with problem employees to improve their performance, attitude and effectiveness. Learn how to protect yourself and your company. You’ll learn how early intervention keeps bad behavior from becoming a habit. With proper training, coaching and communication about expectations, your less-than-stellar employees may do a 180 – and eventually become your star performers. Play Clip   Learn More

What Happened? covers employee misconduct, complaints, and other issues such as background checks and claims against your company. This training video will show you how to conduct fair, thorough and objective internal investigations to determine the root of a complaint, what caused it, and what can be done to prevent it from happening again. Play Clip   Learn More

Decoding FMLA packs an incredible amount of critical, need-it-now information into a unique training video. You’ll take an in-depth look at employee rights and obligations, learn how to protect your organization and prevent legal repercussions, and ensure that all your decisions regarding the FMLA adhere to the absolute letter of the law. Play Clip   Learn More

Accommodation and Accessibility will give you a solid, working understanding of how the ADA relates to the job application process, hiring, termination, training, compensation, advancement, benefits and leave. One by one, this program examines the most common myths associated with the ADA, and shows you exactly why each one is completely unfounded. You’ll gain a greater understanding of exactly what the ADA is and how and why it works the way it does. Play Clip   Learn More

A Fair Shake walks you through the intricacies of the EEOC … and gives you the information, tools and knowledge you need to support and enforce discrimination laws within your organization. Learn about Federal discrimination laws enforced by the EEOC, discover how to identify potential EEOC landmines, and to support a workplace that facilitates a culture of tolerance and non-discrimination. Play Clip   Learn More

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