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  Fundamentals of Paid-Time-Off Policies In Today’s Workplace
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What works; what doesn’t? Discover how you can develop a great benefit program that works in your organization.
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Online Training
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Get your PTO questions answered and tailor your program to meet the needs of your organization 

When it comes to your employees’ vacation, personal, and sick leave time, you’re faced with the challenge of finding the balance between what’s best for your employees and what’s best for your organization.

There are a lot of options with PTO policies. It can be difficult to know which to choose. Learn what works and what doesn't, straight from a PTO expert.

If you don’t have a PTO policy — or the one you do have isn’t giving you the benefits you thought it would — here’s your chance to get all your questions answered.
Learn the essentials for creating a time-off policy that works well for everyone

This one-hour training takes an objective look at today’s PTO programs … what’s working for companies today — and what’s not … the legal ramifications … and how to administer one so that it eliminates hassles and headaches – instead of creating more!

You’ll discover ways to make your PTO program one of your company’s most valuable benefits — one that sends employee morale and job satisfaction through the roof!  And best of all, these strategies work whether you’re creating a program from the ground up, or you’ve already got a program in place and you just want to make sure you’re doing it the best way you can. 
Don’t wait!  Discover how PTO programs are revolutionizing company benefits across the country!


What You’ll Learn:

  • The time-off policies proven most effective for reducing unscheduled absences
  • How many paid time-off days per year does federal law require? The answer may surprise you
  • Should leave be incrementally earned or granted on a “just-be-on-the-payroll on a certain date” basis? What are the pros and cons?
  • How FMLA affects your PTO policy
  • The pros and cons of combining vacations and sick days into a single PTO block of time
  • A quick guide to all the federal laws that affect your plan
  • Find out when “breaks” must be covered by your PTO program
  • How an exempt employee’s “true salary” requirement can defeat your fixed PTO allotment
  • Find out how a no-fault attendance policy can help you control PTO abuse
  • 5 attendance policy violations you must control
  • Understanding the connection between your attendance policies and your PTO policies
  • What you can do when an employee has run out of PTO days but needs time off due to an emergency
  • Cash out or carry over: How your organization should handle unused days

Your Trainer: Don Feltham
Don Feltham has been assisting organizations with human resources and effectiveness issues for more than 28 years. He brings a breadth of experience in working with virtually every size and type of organization — from Fortune 500 companies to small entrepreneurial start-ups.

Don has extensive expertise in paid-time-off program strategies and implementation and has worked with a wide array of organizations to master the intricate issues of successful “people management.”

Discover what many Fortune 500 companies have known for years: Even one hour with Don Feltham will forever change the way you do business!

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