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  Ultimate Employer
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Get all our best-selling software in one package
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CD-ROM Desktop Software Package
Item No. BN1235F

Ultimate Employer bundles all our performance management desktop software into one convenient package for an unbeatable value. This suite of software provides a complete set of tools to help you easily and effectively hire, evaluate and manage your employees.

With Ultimate Employer, you’ll receive:

  • Policies Now
  • Descriptions Now
  • Performance Now
  • People Manager

Descriptions Now features:

  • Job description wizard — Step-by-step guidance that automatically populates job details.
  • 3,700 job titles — Select from thousands of duties and competencies in our extensive, real-time job library.
  • Customizable descriptions — Mix and match duties and requirements to create hybrid positions.
  • Built-in compliance — Meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act by determining the position’s essential functions.
  • Employment Ad Writer — Design a performance review workflow and experience that best fits your organization.
  • Publish ads on job boards instantly — Keep employees and managers on track throughout the review cycle with automatic reminders.
  • HR advice and information — Create a list of competencies — from our library or on your own — to measure employee performance.
  • Save and organize job descriptions — No need to worry about the infrastructure upgrades and lengthy deployment timelines.

Performance Now features:

  • Employee performance log — Record specific examples of employee performance throughout the review period.
  • Built-in coaching tips — Access an extensive library of coaching ideas from HR professionals.
  • Automated data importation — Import existing employee information from your HR information systems with just a few clicks.
  • 45 behavior-based performance competencies — Save time while writing evaluations by selecting from our library of competencies, or write your own.
  • 7 pre-populated employee review templates — Choose from review form templates or use simple design features to create your own.
  • Automatic notifications — Set reminders for upcoming performance milestones, due dates and performance reviews.
  • Language checker — Spot legally sensitive words or phrases before submitting your feedback.
  • Share reviews — Get valuable input from other managers or team members instantly.
  • Custom goals — Adjust the weight individual goals and create goal categories that align with company objectives.

Policies Now features:

  • Policy wizard — An easy-to-use Q&A tool that helps you write fair policies and prompts you to consider important issues.
  • More than 100 ready-to-use policies — Use professionally written policies covering hundreds of the most important issues facing businesses.
  • 3 language styles — Express your company’s culture by choosing formal, informal or plain English.
  • Maintain up to 6 different policy handbooks — Create manuals for specific employee groups — managers, part-time, contract or temporary employees.
  • Record and track policy revisions — Instantly see what changes have been made to your employee handbooks overtime.
  • Design and formatting tools — Use built-in formatting, design styles, table of contents, spell checker and thesaurus to create high-quality handbooks.
  • Pre-built and customizable employee forms — Develop personnel forms, letters, agreements, memos and checklists.
  • Ongoing news and information updates — Access Web links, news and information to help you keep policies current.

People Manager features:

People Manager makes it easy to keep accurate personnel records and document actions like hiring, promotions, reviews or terminations. It reminds you about important events like benefits eligibility dates, and it gives you flexible options for tracking attendance and interfacing with your payroll service. It's like having a full time HR expert to centralize all your employee information, alert you to the legal significance of employee management issues, and provide you with expert human resource advice.

  • Automatically reminds you of crucial tasks — View daily “To-Do” lists of employee-related tasks. Find comprehensive checklists for legally sensitive processes like hiring, termination, performance evaluation, and more. Automatically document actions in employee records.
  • Flexible and accurate attendance tracking — Enter data quickly with an easy-to-use “drag and drop” calendar. Automatically select, accrue and calculate time off by the week, month or year. Track leaves of absence, jury duty, military leaves and more. Chart each employee’s leave status with visual bar graphs.
  • Supports top payroll services — Calculates normal payroll work hours. Exports time keeping data. Calculates summaries of attendance data adjustments. Works with payroll services like ADP, Ceridian, Paychex Paylink and more.
  • Stores vital information — Centralizes employee personnel data. Stores organizational and legal information. Documents performance review ratings and tracks review dates. Imports employee information and exports data for analysis.
  • Provides expert human resource advice — Contains context-sensitive advice. Provides dozens of forms, letters, agreements and checklists. Links you directly to online tools, information and resources (may require additional subscriber fee).
  • Creates reports and charts — Includes nearly 50 commonly used reports. Graphs employee information in popular charting styles. Expedites preparing information for EEO, FLSA, IRCA and other federal employment law organizations.
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