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  Accommodation and Accessibility
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Meeting the Requirements of the ADA
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Accommodation and Accessibility: Meeting the Requirements of the ADA
will get you up to speed on key aspects of the ADA — without boring manuals and endless government documentation on the Internet.  Accommodation and Accessibility is part of the next generation of training videos from Sound Learning Solutions featuring fast-paced, contemporary content packed with cutting-edge information and dynamic visuals.

Why should you watch this video? The program will give you a solid, working understanding of how the ADA relates to the job application process, hiring, termination, training, compensation, advancement, benefits, and leave. You’ll experience entertaining vignettes, lively commentary, and attention-grabbing scenes that make the material fun, fresh, and exciting — no kidding!

Totally Busted! Five Big Fat ADA Myths
So, how much do you really know about the Americans with Disabilities Act? Is your organization in complete compliance … or are there gray areas you aren’t quite sure about? One by one, this program examines the most common myths associated with the ADA and shows you exactly why each one is completely unfounded. You’ll gain a greater understanding of exactly what the ADA is and how and why it works the way it does.

Complying With the ADA
The ADA isn’t out to “get” employers, trip them up, or cost organizations tons of money. The truth is, the ADA was created to prevent discrimination in the workplace — offering protection for those with disabilities who are still fully qualified to perform their jobs. You’ll learn:

  • The definition of disability, as put forth by the ADA
  • What constitutes the “reasonable accommodations”
    you as an employer may be responsible for
  • What unreasonable accommodations (also known as “undue hardships”) employers shouldn’t be expected to address
  • Questions you can — and absolutely can’t — ask while
    interviewing a disabled job candidate
  • How to proceed when an employee suddenly
    becomes disabled during his or her time at your organization
  • The truth about firing or disciplining a disabled individual

Extras — Check out the program’s FREE downloadable job aids, geared toward helping you adopt ADA “best practices” and reduce the risk of discrimination in your organization.

Don’t let lack of knowledge, misunderstandings, or misinformation regarding the ADA get your organization into legal hot water. Put this program at the very top of your to-do list. You’ll learn to reduce the risk of costly litigation while promoting a fair and equitable working environment for all your employees.

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