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  When Enough Is Enough
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Your Legal Options for Disciplining and Firing Problem Employees
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When Enough Is Enough shows you how to work with problem employees to improve their performance, attitude, and effectiveness. You’ll learn how early intervention keeps bad behavior from becoming a habit. With proper training, coaching, and communication about expectations, your less-than-stellar employees may do a 180 — and eventually become your star performers.

When Enough Is Enough takes you through each step of progressive discipline — from verbal warning to written warning and then final written warning. Our easy-to-follow process helps you deal objectively and legally with employees who don’t meet performance guidelines and expectations. If repeated attempts to correct poor performance and less-than-desirable behavior fail, then termination may be your only option. Learn how to protect yourself and your company. When Enough Is Enough explains how to do the essential documentation you’ll need to back up your decisions and make a solid case if a discrimination or wrongful termination suit lands you in court.

Make sure you know the fair AND legal way to discipline your employees and how to fire them once all else fails.

You’ll learn:

  • How to clearly communicate expected standards of behavior
  • The common types of performance problems
  • Why early intervention is important
  • How to be specific and include a timeline for improvement in every warning
  • How to match proper discipline to the performance problem
  • Why you need a nexus of events to move to the next level of discipline
  • What kinds of documentation are required to back up instances of bad behavior
  • The importance of getting the employee’s acknowledgement and signature
  • When and where it’s best to discuss disciplinary action with an employee
  • Why an objective third person should review each termination
  • What it means to work in an “at will” employment state

Extra Tools ... FREE     
When Enough Is Enough contains FREE downloads to help you with the tough tasks of discipline and termination. You’ll get step-by-step guidelines for performance improvement and progressive discipline, as well as a termination checklist.

Learn the skills and techniques to properly discipline — or fire — problem employees and become a more effective manager today!

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