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  Write It, File It
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Legally Sound Documentation and Recordkeeping Policies
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Write It, File It: Legally Sound Documentation and Recordkeeping Policies answers some of the biggest, hairiest of all HR questions: Just what records should you keep, what should be included with them — or not — and how long should you keep them? Doing it wrong is a risk you just can’t take.

Write It, File It helps you navigate the complex and often confusing maze of documents and records required by federal law and numerous regulatory agencies. This program is delivered in a fun — yes FUN — and engaging style with dramatic scenarios and contemporary narration to show you how to document employment-related matters and employee actions legally, fairly, and objectively. You’ll learn the right way to put it in writing, what required information to retain, and how.

Keeping good records is essential when dealing with federally mandated acts covering personnel and documentation issues including hiring, discipline, firing, electronic communication, and many more aspects of the employee/employer relationship that require specific documentation procedures for proper compliance. Performing these functions and properly documenting them is essential to running your organization.


You’ll learn the essentials of documentation and recordkeeping, including:

  • Why it’s necessary to properly document all personnel actions and decisions — from hiring to firing and everything in between
  • How to focus on the facts and keep opinions out of your records documenting an employee’s behavior
  • Which acts and agency mandates most often affect your employees
  • When you can — or shouldn’t — fire someone based on your documentation
  • Why you must have a consistent documentation retention policy and schedule
  • How to choose the best method for storing your files: paper or electronically
  • Who should have access to your records
  • Why you need a company e-mail policy
  • How to stay current on ever-changing rules and regulations

As a FREE bonus, the program contains downloadable job aids to help you with the whats, whys, and hows for key documentation.

Don’t Put Yourself or Your Business at Risk
Check out Write It, File It today. Make it your go-to guide for documenting personnel issues and keeping your records fair, legal, AND effective. 

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