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Human Resources
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Book  Top Of Page
How to Work With People
The Complete Guide to Finding And Hiring The Right People
Writing Effective Policies and Procedures
CD-ROM  Top Of Page
ADA & Reasonable Accommodation
Bulletproof Documentation
Controlling Health Care Costs for HR
Descriptions Now
Diversity in the Workplace: Creating a Positive Culture of Acceptance and Inclusion
Email and Technology Policies for HR: Best Practices
Employee Development Plans 101
Employee Offboarding: Procedures for Departing Employees
EXEMPT vs NON-EXEMPT: Understanding FLSA Classification Standards
FLSA: Understanding Exempt and Nonexempt Overtime Regulations
FMLA Medical Certification: How to Administer Leave, Minimize Abuse and Prevent Lawsuits
Fundamentals of Paid-Time-Off Policies In Today's Workplace
How to Conduct Effective Interviews
How to Conduct Effective Workplace Investigations
How to Effectively Communicate Employee Benefits
How to Legally Terminate People With Attitude Problems
How to Prevent and Respond to Claims of Sexual and Unlawful Harassment in the Workplace
How to Prevent FMLA Abuse
How to Prevent Gender Bias and Sex Discrimination Claims
How to Successfully Manage a One-person HR Department
How to Write Effective Job Descriptions ... in Half the Time!
HR Policies for Inclement Weather
I-9 Reporting and Compliance
Interviewing Tips: Weeding Out Bad Hires
Legally Handling Garnishments
Legally Sound Employee Discipline
Leveraging LinkedIn® for Recruiting
Managing the Complexities of Paid Sick and Family Leave Laws
Medical Marijuana in the Workplace: Policies and Practices for Employers
Mental Illness & Depression Under the ADA
New Strategies for Finding and Recruiting Workers
Payroll Law Update
Performance Now
Policies Now
Preventing & Handling Workplace Violence
Records Retention & Destruction for Human Resources
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for California Managers and Supervisors
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Managers and Supervisors
Staying Out of the Hot Seat: 10 Ways to Get Your Company Sued in California
Succession Planning Secrets
Termination Pay Dos and Don'ts
The Basics of HR Metrics: How to Measure and Report Key Operational and Financial Information
The Essentials of Disaster Planning
The Essentials of Employee Onboarding (1:00pm recording)
The Essentials of Employee Onboarding (11:00am recording)
The Essentials of Employee Onboarding (3:00pm recording)
Ultimate Employer
Understanding and Administering Intermittent and Reduced-schedule Leave Under FMLA
Untangle the Triangle: FMLA, Workers' Comp, and ADA
Wage and Hour Land Mines in a 24/7 Connected World
Work-From-Home Policies: How to Avoid Lawsuits and Be Legally Compliant
DVD Video  Top Of Page
A Fair Shake
Accommodation and Accessibility
Coaching for Performance
Decoding FMLA
Nothing Personal
Setting the Tone
The Employee Hunt
The Harassment Free Zone
We're All Different
What Happened?
When Enough Is Enough
Write It, File It
On-Line Training  Top Of Page
FMLA Compliance Update
How to Handle Conflict and Confrontation
Preventing Sexual Harassment: An On-Demand Seminar for Employees
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