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  The Essentials of Active Listening: A Communication Course
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You can easily eliminate conflict and improve your workplace relationships! Don’t miss the strategies you’ll learn at this training.
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Studies show you might be a lousy listener — don't worry, you aren't alone!
If you’ve ever wanted to scream “is anyone listening?” you aren’t alone. The number one cause of confusion at work (and most times conflict) comes from people not hearing each other. With so many distractions … high levels of stress … packed schedules, it’s hard to focus on what people around you are saying.

But when one missed phrase can cause you to lose time or damage a relationship, you can’t afford to have so-so listening skills. In fact, active listening is one of the easiest ways to improve your communication skills and personal success. That’s what this training is all about.

Purchase this training today and you’ll learn seven tips of effective listening, strategies for making sure people hear you, and listening rules you should break (and much more!).

What You’ll Learn:
  • Defining active listening
  • How your actions can sabotage what you hear
  • Questions you can ask to clarify what you heard
  • Reading between the lines: Separating the content of the message from emotion
  • Actions that encourage active listening
  • Understanding and using the keys to effective listening
  • Seven tips to effective and active listening
  • Actions you can take to ensure others are hearing what you say
  • Listening rules you can break (and when you should)

Your Trainer: Ruth St. Pierre

If you’re looking for a speaker with real-world experience and practical strategies that you can use immediately at work, look no further. Ruth St. Pierre is a favorite presenter at companies across the United States. In fact, leading organizations and government agencies such as Winnebago Industries, The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the University of Notre Dame, and Boise Cascade have all benefited from her expertise.

As a master communicator and facilitator, Ruth understands and values the importance of good listening skills. She not only fills her conferences with practical listening techniques but also strives to show her participants HOW to apply these newfound skills at work. Enroll today and get the skills you need to be a better communicator.

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