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  How to Deliver Effective Persuasive Presentations
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Tools to Prepare & Deliver Dynamite Presentations With Skill and Confidence to Any Audience
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3-CD Audio Program
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In How to Deliver Effective Persuasive Presentations, Gail Cohen will teach you how to successfully overcome the fear of presenting and to be comfortable and confident in front of groups of all sizes.

In business and in life, your ability to present your ideas in a clear, organized, and purposeful way may be the greatest tool you will ever have. You may have noticed that people who get what they want are not always the most knowledgeable, experienced, or even the smartest. Often the one who gets the promotion, a big raise, a bank loan, scholarship, or the best deal on a new car is the one who can present his or her request persuasively.

This program will help you present your ideas by giving you everything you need to prepare and deliver a persuasive presentation with skill and confidence. Gail will also share ideas that will help you effectively handle the most stressful situations that any presenter can face.


By learning and applying these skills, your ability to communicate in all situations will make you unstoppable!

  • Use a three-step process when you begin preparing a presentation.
  • Reduce your fear of public speaking by properly organizing your materials using the “AA Way” or the “Q&A Way.”
  • Help your audience retain 90% of the information you give them by using emotional learning in your presentations.
  • Discover the five ways to create emotional learning opportunities.
  • Develop your presentation around the number four (four principles, four words, four short sentences, four questions) because audiences can easily absorb four main points.
  • Learn how to deliver your prepared speech in half the time if necessary.
  • Use four easy steps to turn your stage fright into presentation energy.
  • Create a great ending to your presentation that will leave your audience feeling confident and empowered to take action.
  • Use your voice, body language, verbal skills, image, appearance, and perspective to enhance your presentation.
  • Remember the DOs and DON’Ts of effective persuasive presentations.
  • Reflect on four questions that will help you evaluate a speaker.
  • Master the four “I’s” — inform, invite, involve, and ignite — in order to make your presentations memorable.
  • Discover what your unique public speaking feature is and how to use it to extend your influence beyond the walls, people, and time of the meeting.

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