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Speaking Up at Work to Manage Unrealistic Expectations
You can still be a remarkable employee without saying “yes” to every request

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Date: March 5, 2018 | 11:00AM PT • 12:00PM MT • 1:00PM CT • 2:00PM ET

Can’t break away for an hour at this time? For your convenience, a
CD-ROM recording is made of each webinar. You may choose to purchase the CD-ROM either along with the webinar or separately. The CD-ROM recording will be available approximately 14-21 days after the webinar (details).

Program Description:

When asked to do the impossible at work, you agree—and, even worse, you succeed!

You beat a client’s pressing deadline, battle a mountain of work, navigate the unfamiliar project of a vacationing colleague. Your reward: Unreasonable time frames, growing workloads and special requests become the norm. Can you keep this up? Do you have a choice?

Yes, if you make your limits clear.

Companies value productive employees who move outside comfort zones, grow and succeed. But we all have breaking points ... when we’ve agreed to more than we can deliver. Believe it or not, everyone benefits when you speak up. Register now for this inspiring, new one-hour Webinar on how to identify and communicate your work boundaries. You’ll find out how to set reasonable limits and control pie-in-the-sky expectations.

Take a Glimpse at What You’ll Learn:

  • Make the crucial distinction between high standards or stretch goals and unrealistic ones
  • Distinguish between what’s within your control and what’s not
  • How to diplomatically communicate and help others see when expectations are unrealistic
  • Establish and share boundaries so others know exactly when you are available, what your timetable is and how flexible you can be when things get crazy
  • When in doubt ... ask! Use smart questions and timely communication to clarify expectations and remove assumptions
  • Get to the root of someone else’s unrealistic expectations: What’s really driving their behavior?
  • Build a partnership with others to create an environment of respect and support
  • Anticipate problems and prepare contingency plans
  • Conduct ongoing post-mortem meetings to be sure you continue to manage and meet others’ expectations

Q & A Session:
Upon enrolling in the Webinar, you will have the opportunity to submit your questions via e-mail. Time permitting, your trainer will address questions from Webinar participants. Many questions will be addressed in the Webinar itself. Others will be addressed in the supporting materials that will be available exclusively to Webinar participants.



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**For your convenience, a CD-ROM recording is made of each webinar. You may choose to purchase the CD-ROM either along with the webinar or separately. The CD-ROM recording will be available approximately 14-21 days after the webinar.

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